Ten Days to Self-Esteem: 10 Easy Steps to Brighten Your Moods


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Published UK, 1993
Cognitive behavioural therapy helps depressed and anxious individuals change negative thinking and behaviour patterns. The book is divided into ten steps - each of which teach different techniques to overcome negative feelings such as loneliness, depression, guilt and inferiority - and includes many activities to enable the reader to help himself overcome depression. This is also a useful resource for group leaders.

The Price of Happiness
You Feel the Way You Think
You Can Change the Way You Feel
How to Break Out of a Bad Mood
The Acceptance Paradox
Getting Down to Root Causes
Self Esteem - What Is It? How Do I Get It?
The Perfectionist's Script for Self-Defeat
A Prescription for Procrastinators
Practice, Practice, Practice!

David Burns is a clinical psychiatrist and one of North America's foremost authorities on mood and personal relationship problems.
Paperback. 329 pages

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