Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School: 35 Lesson Plans with Activities, Grades 3-12 - Volume 2


Product Description

Published USA, 2009
In this book, 35 new lesson plans with activities will help teachers introduce a range of social skills, from the basic (following instructions and listening to others) to the complex (advocating for yourself and setting long-term goals). Lessons are written in an easy-to-follow format with talking points to help teachers explain a skill and guide students through an activity. At the end of each lesson is a Think Sheet for students with questions about how to use a skill in different settings and situations. Role-play scenarios are provided so students can practice each skill's behavioural steps. Additional classroom activities blend the teaching of social skills into other academic lessons. The workbook features a CD-ROM with reproducible worksheets and skill posters.

Greeting Others
Setting Goals
Following Instructions
Listening to Others
Disagreeing Appropriately
Using Anger-Control Strategies
Expressing Empathy and Understanding for Others
Choosing Appropriate Friends
Resisting Negative Peer Pressure
Communicating Honestly

Dr. Mougey is a school principal in Nebraska, USA. Jo Dillon is an education trainer. Denise Pratt is a consultant for teachers and school administrators.
Large-format paperback, with CD-ROM. Grades 3-12. 285 pages

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