Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School: Lesson Plans, Activities and Blended Teaching Techniques


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Published USA, 2005
The 28 lesson plans outlined in this manual each cover a different skill. The first 16 skills are foundational ones and the 12 others have been identified as being useful to young people. The age range for the activities is wide (K-12) so teachers need to modify the exercises to fit the age and academic and developmental levels of their students. Each lesson plan follows the same pattern:

Introduce the Skill
Describe the Appropriate Behaviour
Photocopiable Handouts

Examples of Basic Skill Plans: Following instructions. - Accepting criticism or a consequence. - Greeting others. - Disagreeing appropriately. - Making an apology. - Asking for help. - Staying on task. - Sharing with others. - Listenng to others. Examples of Advanced Skills Plans - Avoiding a fight. - Having appropriate conversations. - Ignoring distractions from others. - Offering to help. - Solving problems. - Showing respect. - Using an anger control strategy.

The authors have a combined 40 years of teaching experience in K-12 classrooms and train teachers, administrators and other school staff across the USA.
Large-format paperback. 293 pages.

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