Trauma Healing at the Clay Field: A Sensorimotor Art Therapy Approach


Product Description

Published UK, 2012
Using clay in therapy taps into the most fundamental of human experiences: touch. This book discusses the setting and processes of this sensorimotor approach, provides an overview of the core stages of Gestalt Formation and the Nine Situations model within this context, and demonstrates how this unique focus on the sense of touch and the movement of the hands is particularly effective for trauma healing in adults and children. The intense tactile experience of working with clay allows the therapist to work through early attachment issues, developmental setbacks and traumatic events with the client in a primarily non-verbal way using a body-focused approach. With photographs and case studies throughout, this book will be of interest to complementary therapists.

Understanding the Hands
Setting the Scene for Work at the Clay Field
Working at the Clay Field with Adults
Working at the Clay Field with Children

Cornelia Elbrecht is an art therapist in Australia.
Paperback. 336 pages