Trauma and Memory: Brain and Body in a Search for the Living Past


Product Description

Published USA, 2015
Peter Levine introduced the somatic experiencing method in Waking the Tiger and In an Unspoken Voice. In his new book he tackles one of the most difficult and complex questions of trauma therapy: Can we trust our memories? While trauma therapy work frequently addresses 'explicit' memories, less attention has been paid to how the body itself stores 'implicit' memory, and how much of what we think of as 'memory' actually comes to us through our interceptive bodily sense. By learning how to better understand this complex interplay of past and present, brain and body, we can adjust our relationship to past trauma and move into a more balanced, relaxed state of being and wholeness.

Peter Levine holds doctorates in both medical biophysics and psychology.
Paperback. 181 pages

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