Treating Complex Trauma and Dissociation: A Practical Guide to Navigating Therapeutic Challenges


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Published USA, 2016
Every clinician has at least one, the client who lives in chaos, complicating treatment with frequent calls, constant crisis, unremitting self-mutilation or repeated threats of suicide.

This book is an ideal guide for the front-line clinician whose clients come in with histories of trauma, abuse, self-injury, flashbacks, suicidal behaviour and more. It synthesizes knowledge about PTSD, attachment theory and dissociative defences as well as equally critical issues of power, control and shame. The book helps practitioners develop their own responses and practical solutions to common questions: How do I handle this?  What do I say?  What can I do? 

Lynette Danylchuk is a clinical psychologist and Past President of the ISSTD.
Paperback. 189 pages

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