Treating Trauma in Adolescents: Development, Attachment and the Therapeutic Relationship


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Published USA, 2018
Anxious and vigilant and distrustful of therapists - and even themselves - teenagers who have experienced chronic trauma are among the toughest clients to treat. In this book, clinical psychologist Martha Strauss demonstrates how to create the safe haven and secure base that traumatized young people need to become more confident, stable and resilient. A major focus of her work is to help clients develop the ability to self-soothe by allowing them to feel safe and regulated in relationship with an adult. Extensive case presentations reveal not just what to say or do in a given interaction but how therapists can use their moment-to-moment emotional experience to guide clinical decision making and enhance connection. Topics include integrating expressive techniques into therapy and ways to involve parents and other caregivers in treatment.

Martha Straus
is Professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, New Hampshire.
Paperback. 284 pages

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