Understanding Grief: The Journey of Bereavement


Product Description

Published Australia, 2016
This easy-to-read book was written with a general audience in mind. Helen Harris explains both the grief process and ideas to help and support someone who has experienced bereavement. The first section discusses the experience of grieving and the kind of reactions and feelings that occur. 'It is important to remember that these reactions are normal and okay and are a natural part of grief', she writes. The second part of the book - Path to Healing - gives ideas that may help someone cope with their loss: looking after yourself; familiar patterns; listening to your own inner feelings; and the benefits of writing, music, art and creativity, for example. The author also includes a section on helping a child who is grieving. 'Children experience grief in their own way, she writes. 'They need adults to listen, help them to feel safe and secure and be open and honest with them.' Helen Harris has worked in the bereavement field for many years and has experienced significant loss in her life as well. She brings together both professional and personal experience in a book that is helpful for all those who have experienced bereavement.

Helen Harris is a trained social worker. She lives in Brisbane.
Small-format paperback. 14 pages

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