Understanding Your Suicide Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart


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Published USA, 2009
When someone you love takes his or her life, your grief is profound. Yet as a result of fear and misunderstanding, suicide survivors are often left alone and in silence at a time when they desperately need compassion and unconditional support.

This compassionate guide, written by one of North America's leading grief educators, will help you understand the normal and necessary journey through suicide grief. This book describes ten touchstones that are essential physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual actions for you to take in order to heal.

Open to the Presence of Your Loss
Dispel the Misconceptions About Suicide and Grief and Mourning
Explore the Uniqueness of Your Suicide Grief
Explore Your Feelings of Loss
Recognize You Are Not Crazy
Understanding the Six Needs of Mourning
Nurture Yourself
Reach Out for Help
Seek Integration - Not Resolution
Appreciate Your Transformation

Dr. Alan Wolfelt is on the faculty of the University of Colorado Medical School.
Paperback. 226 pages

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