Visual Journaling: Going Deeper Than Words


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Published USA, 1999
Visual journaling is a way to record the nuances of life`s experiences using one`s inner visions to imagine what a thought, feeling or emotional reaction would look like if it were expressed as a colour, shape or image. In this book by popular expressive arts therapist Barbara Ganim, a six-week workshop put together by the author and fellow counsellor Susan Fox is presented in an easy-to-follow format. Participants will learn how to access their inner language of imagery and express it through journal drawings, crayon art, even doodles and stick figures. Even those who believe they `can`t draw` can move beyond thought into deep reaches of feeling and intuitive knowing.

Accessing and Expressing Your Emotions
Transforming Your Stress-Producing Emotions
Letting Your Images Speak
Overcoming Your Fears
Resolving Your Inner Conflicts
Visual Journaling as a Lifelong Practice

Barbara Ganim teaches expressive art therapy at Salve Regina University in Rhode island, USA.
Large-format paperback. 161 pages

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