Was It The Chocolate Pudding? A Storybook for Little Kids about Divorce


Product Description

Published USA, 2006
The boy in this story believes that the real reason his parents divorced is because he smeared chocolate pudding all over his little brother. The ensuing argument between his mum and dad led to his mother moving out, he thinks. This misconception underlies the message in this attractive storybook: divorce is about grown-up problems and children need to be given comforting answers to their most pressing questions. The boy recounts his weekly timetable with his dad (with whom he lives) and at his mum`s house every second weekend. His mum tells him that sometimes grown-ups do things that kids don`t understand. `I know grown-ups don`t think kids can understand a lot of stuff,` the boy muses, `but big stuff like divorce needs some explaining.` The storybook includes a 3-page afterword for parents written by psychologist Jane Annunziata. Soft water-coloured drawings.

Ages 4-8 years
Paperback. 40 pages

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