What Goes on in My Head? How Your Brain Works and Why You Do What You Do


Product Description

Published USA, 2016
The brain is the most complicated part of our body. It contains more than 100 billion brain cells, each with up to 100,000 connections. Every second, billions of electrical signals dart between these cells at speeds of up to 250 mph. Robert Winston  makes sense of the brain's mind-boggling structure and explains how it controls everything we do:

Why our internal clock makes it so difficult to get up in the morning
If thinking with our gut is sometimes better than thinking with our head
How some people have two 'selves' inside only one brain

This is a great book for adolescents or anyone who is interested in mapping the mind, perception, emotions, brain power, super memory, the creative mind, and much more. Big, colourful illustrations, photographs and charts make this book an intriguing gift.

Robert Winston is a world-renowned scientist who is the icon of many British television series.
Paperback. 96 pages

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