What is Friendship? Games and Activities to Help Children to Understand Friendship


Product Description

Published UK, 2009
This program contains detailed instructions and photcopiable handouts for teaching children about friendship. The book combines group activities, individual work, homework exercises and games, and will be especially useful for groups containing children with developmental and social difficulties, such as AD/HD and autism. Developed in an inclusive classroom, this program will arm children with useful strategies to deal with difficult situations such as negative peer pressure and conflict. The book is suited for use with children aged 7-11 years, but can be adapted for younger children or older children with developmental difficulties.

What is a Friend?
How Do We Choose Our Friends?
How Do We Communicate with our Friends?
How Do We Resolve Conflict?
How Do We Deal with Peer Pressure?
What Have We Learnt?

Pamela Day is a mental health practitioner for Wakefield District Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the UK.
Ages 7-11 years
Large-format paperback. 96 pages

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