What to Do When Children Clam Up in Psychotherapy: Interventions to Facilitate Communication


Product Description

Published USA, 2017
Therapists who work with children and adolescents are frequently faced with unresponsive, reticent or completely non-verbal clients. This new book, edited by Cathy Malchiodi and her colleague David Crenshaw, brings together clinicians who explore why 4 to 16 year-olds may have difficulty talking, and provides creative ways of facilitating communication. A variety of play, art, movement and animal-assisted therapies, as well as trauma-focused therapy with adolescents, are illustrated with clinical material. Contributors give particular attention to the neurobiological effects of trauma, how they manifest in the body when children 'clam-up', and how to help children self-regulate and feel safe. Authors include Bruce Perry, Stephen Porges, Martha Strauss and Nancy Boyd Webb.

Cathy Malchiodi is a well-known art therapist in the USA.
Paperback. 247 pages

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