When Mummy Got Hurt: A Story for Young Children about Domestic Violence


Product Description

Published USA, 1996/2010
Something really scary happened again last night.
My daddy broke a door in our house. I was scared because
daddy was yelling and mummy was crying.
Daddy hit mummy. He pushed her so hard she bumped into a window and it broke.

This a story about a child who has witnessed domestic violence and who then goes with her mother to live at her grandmother's house. The story emphasises that violence is wrong and is not the child's fault. It happens in other families as well. It is also okay to talk about it. Workbook pages and a guide for parents and teachers are included.

Ages 4-8 years
Ilene Lee
is play therapist and Kathy Sylwester is a psychologist in the USA.
Paperback. 36 pages

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