When Someone Very Special Dies: Art Activities


Product Description

Published USA, 1998
Children, with adult supervision, are invited to illustrate and personalize their loss through art. This workbook encourages the child to identify support systems and personal strengths. 'Creating Art' provides a method for expressing feelings children are unable to understand or express verbally. Drawing a fearful event puts the drawer in charge and presents an opportunity to overcome feelings of hopelessness and fear. This book, designed by Marge Heegaard, provides parents and professionals with an organized approach to helping children aged 6-12 years cope with feelings resulting from family loss and change.

Change is Part of Life
Dead is the End of Living
Living Means Feeling
Feeling Better
Sharing Memories
I'm Special Too

Marge Heegaard is a social worker and art therapist in Minneapolis, USA.
Ages 6-12 years
Paperback. 32 pages

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