When Your Child is Cutting: A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Overcome Self-Injury


Product Description

Published USA, 2006
This handbook is designed especially for parents of adolescents and young adults who are, or may be, self-injurying. Each chapter builds on the previous to guide parents through the storm of their own painful emotions so that they can stay focused on their child: how to deal with the problems that lead to cutting, and how to validate the child`s emotions without condoning unhealthy behaviours. Moreover, the book arms parents with the knowledge to talk with their child about self-injury, reducing the drama around the behaviour, and choosing the best professional help.

The Psychological and Biological Bases of Self-Injury
Environmental Factors
How Do I Approach My Child About Cutting?
Common Obstacles to Communication About Self-Injury
What to Expect During Treatment Supporting Your Child`s Recovery

The authors are psychologists at the Bio-Behavioural Institute in Great Neck, New York, USA.
Paperback. 167 pages

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