When Your Teen Has an Eating Disorder: Practical Strategies to Help Your Teen Recover


Product Description

Published USA, 2018
This book provides parents with a ringing endorsement that they are the ones who should take centre stage in their child's treatment and that it is the parents who ultimately will be instrumental in bringing about recovery for their child. The author's depth of experience working with such families comes to the fore in this practical guide of how to make sense of the everyday challenges that a diagnosis of an eating disorder brings. The strategies outlined provide a necessary prop for families engaged in family-based treatment (FBT), the only evidence-based treatment for adolescents with eating disorders.

Putting Parents in Charge
Strategies to Structure Recovery and Manage Behaviours
Assessing Progress and Managing Common Challenges
Exposure to Build Flexibility
Handing Back Control and Working Toward Independence
Recovery and Relapse Prevention

Lauren Muhlheim is a clinical psychologist in the USA.
Paperback. 164 pages

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