Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men


Product Description

Published USA, 2002
Lundy Bancroft began working with abusive men in 1987 while working for a program called Emerge, the first agency in the USA to offer specialized services for men who abuse women. This substantial text, following on from his pivotal work with Dr. Jay Silverman in The Batterer as Parent (2002), takes us inside the hearts and minds of abusive men. Bancroft reveals the distorted thought processes and unhealthy beliefs that can lead men to control or intimidate women. He exposes the excuses and myths these men hide behind, and gives women the tools they need to either improve or leave their relationships and end the destructive cycle of abuse. Lundy Bancroft is considered one of the world`s experts on the topic of abusive men.

The Abusive Mentality
How Abuse Begins
The Abusive Man in Everyday Life
Abusive Men and Sex
Abusive Men and Addiction
Abusive Men as Parents
The Process of Change
Creating an Abuse-Free World

Paperback. 408 pages

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