Why People Die By Suicide


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Published USA, 2007
In the wake of suicide, the most troubling questions are invariably the most difficult to answer: How could we have known? What could we have done? And always, unremittingly: Why? Written by a clinical psychologist whose own life has been touched by suicide, this book offers the clearest account ever given of why some people choose to die. Thomas Joiner, as an academic, offers an array of studies to shore up his argument - biological, psychological and social - and his own personal story as a suicide survivor. He describes how a person works up to suicide by overcoming the fear of death and the instinct for self-preservation. He also explains the conditions under which a person becomes suicidal.

The Capacity to Enact Lethal Self-Injury is Acquired
The Desire for Death
What Roles Do Genetics, Neurobiology and Mental Disorders Play in Suicidal Behaviour?
Risk Assessment, Crisis Intervention, Treatment and Prevention

Thomas Joiner is Bright-Burton Professor of Psychology at Florida State University, USA.
Paperback. 276 pages

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