Words Hurt


Product Description

Published USA, 1995. Reprinted 2006
The words hurt
They hurt badly
And they stayed in the air
For a long, long time

Greg's dad would never hit him but the abuse he hurled his way made Greg feel sad, hurt and angry. It became so bad, Greg began to wonder if he was a bad person. His friends' parents never treated their children the way his dad treated him. Sometimes Greg even wished that he could go home with a different family. One day he told his dad how sad and hurt he was, and things changed. Therapists will find this storybook a handy therapeutic tool when dealing with the issue of verbal abuse against children. The busy text and the unique illustrations provide plenty of scope for counsellor intervention. The book includes tips for parents, educators and children themselves.

Ages 5-8 years
Paperback. 46 pages

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