Working with Children and Teenagers Using Solution Focused Approaches

Enabling children to overcome challenges and achieve their potential

Product Description

Published UK, 2011
Solution focused approaches offer proven ways of helping children overcome a whole range of difficulties, from academic problems to mental health issues, by helping them to identify their strengths and achievements.

Based on solution focused practice principles, this book illustrates communication skills and playful techniques for working with all children and young people, regardless of any health, learning or developmental need. It demonstrates how the approach can capture children's views, wishes and worries and can assist them in identifying their strengths and abilities. The book is full of case examples, practical strategies and practice activities.

Useful Conversations
Taking Children Seriously
Setting Achievable Goals
Finding Exceptions to Problems
Discovering Children's Strengths
Scaling Goals, Progress and Safety
Putting It All Together

Judith Milner and Jackie Bateman are both solution focused practitioners in the UK.
Paperback. 175 pages

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