Yes Brain Child: Help Your Child Be More Resilient, Independent and Creative


Product Description

Published USA, 2018
The authors of the best-selling book, The Whole-Brain Child, have teamed up to write a new book to help children become resilient and independent in life. Their method encourages the yes state in a child's developing brain, a method leading to intellectual curiosity, insightfulness and empathy. The brain, they argue, is either in a reactive no stage which makes us self-conscious and inhibited; or in a receptive yes state which is what enables resourcefulness and creativity. Parents are encouraged to nurture the mindset that leads to genuine happiness by supplying children with the tools, experiences and interactions that foster a positive yes brain.

+  Balance
+  Resilience
+  Insight
+  Empathy

Dr Tina Bryson is a paediatric and adolescent psychologist in California.
Paperback. 189 pages

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