You Are My World: How a Parent's Love Shapes a Baby's Mind


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Published USA, 2007
You Are My World
celebrates the impact a parent`s love and attention has on a baby`s development. It portrays the significant role that small, everyday moments have in shaping a baby`s sense of self and capacity to learn. The text, while often poetic, is based on the latest scientific research on infant brain development. The words are written with profound respect for the power of a parent`s love. By pairing the text with lovely black-and-white photographs of infants, the book celebrates the continually miraculous interaction that occurs between babies and their parents.

I am born ready to connect
It`s how I`m wired
Your love is my first teacher
When I can count on you I learn to trust
When you smile at me, I learn that I am lovable
When you hold me I feel safe and secure
The stronger our bond, the stronger I become

Amy Hatkoff is a parenting educator, writer and filmmaker who has been working with parents and children of diverse backgrounds for over twenty years.
Hardback. 92 pages

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