Signposts: Exploring Everyday Spirituality - CARDS


Product Description

Published Australia, 2004
This pack consists of 48 cards based on original photographs for building conversations about meaning, spirituality, connectedness and transformation. This tool is not based on a particular theology or philosophy. It explores ways to reflect on life`s purpose and to convert beliefs into actions. Each card combines a powerful full-colour photograph with a few simple words.

+  Accepting Who We Are
+  Allowing Stillness
+  Celebrating Difference
+  Daring to Dream
+  Developing Insight
+  Embracing Change
+  Finding Connection
+  Growing in Wisdom
+  Listening Intently
+  Living Truthfully
+  Looking Inside
+  Practising Compassion
+  Searching for Meaning
+  Seeking Balance
+  Sparking with Creativity

48 laminated cards

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